The Diamond Elevator Company Service Department is available to provide preventative maintenance, call back service, repairs and testing to many different types of elevator equipment. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in the event of an elevator emergency. Several contract options (listed below) are available for our commercial and residential clients in order to meet specific needs.


We have the non-proprietary factor, which we use whenever possible; from controllers, hydro packages, door equipment, machines, fixtures, paneling, lighting and traction elevators. This also means any qualified contractor can work on your equipment in the future.

Traction vs. Hydraulic

Traction elevators are geared or gearless, have AC or DC motors, are low speed and high torque. Hydraulic elevators are conventional for traveling 2-5 floors, roped for low levels and low traffic or holeless for traveling 2-4 floors.

We offer designs that work

In-Ground Hydro packages in various shapes and sizes. Holeless packages are available for custom fit.

Next generation machines and controllers

Geared – We are able to replace your aging geared machine with an upgraded non-proprietary machine Gearless – New design and efficient motor with less energy to drive the machine – translating to the potential for big savings.

Non-proprietary door equipment

Over 84% of elevator problems are door related. Our door equipment allows for programmability and customization.

First impressions matter

Our cab interior design team will make your vision a reality. We offer 3D renderings to confirm product is properly constructed to our customer’s needs.


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